We offer a wide range of catering services in Fiji with stunning food to fit both your event and budget. Our catering services manage all aspects events and occasions, which include presentation, creation, delivery and food preparation. We are a group of professional caterers serving the cooking needs of weddings, corporate, outdoor and little gatherings. Our catering services are customized and designed to meet what our clients are looking for and we always intend to create an exciting catering experience. At Corner Café, we pride ourselves in the quality and freshness of our meals. Everything is made in-house by our chefs using only the best quality ingredients. 



Whether you’re popping in to pick up a coffee and muffin, to sit down and enjoy a homemade soup and sandwich, or to place a catering order for your next event, our delicious variety of dish options will create a lasting impression.

What We Offer

Authentic Cuisine

When it comes to the cuisine style, people want to experiment with foods from different parts of the world. We believe that our success in the catering industry is due to our ability to adapt to the changing tastes of our customers.

Fresh Ingredients

When eating you want to get the most flavour possible from your food, which is why it is important to use fresh ingredients, which we do! 

Personalised Service

We consider it our prime goal to provide our customers with what they desire. Our team will colloborate with you to make your event a success.